SAC 1 Mile Track Champs 2019

John Witton was fastest and set the best WMA score at the SAC mile race on 18 July, while Richard Pitcairn-Knowles, Suzy Claridge and Andrew Milne registered performances for the club bests lists. All the details are in John Denyer's report here.

Weald Trail Run 2019

Weald trailrunners

Jim and Lesley organised another brilliant trail run in perfect conditions on 30th June. Starting and finishing in Weald village, there was hardly any straying off the lovely new course. Copious watery refreshments (water) were served.The next trail run is on 21st July at 09:00 at Hayesden Country Park.

Knole House Relay 2019

WinnersSecond placers

Here are the results of the 2019 Knole House Relay, writes John Denyer.

It was a close contest with less than a minute covering the first 4 teams home. Congratulations to our winning team of Alex Hofmann, Jane Morgan and Paul Smith and to John Witton who ran the fastest lap of the evening. Jane Morgan achieved the most consistent 3 laps of the evening and it is interesting to see that the top two on the consistency table were in the winning team.

I hope that Tony Horlock and Duncan Cochrane are soon back running after the injuries they picked up last night. Thanks again to Jim & Lesley for their help with the timing and recording. I hope the beer went down well in the Sennockian afterwards!

AGM 2019 - Awards

TableGeoffTeam2GrahamMXC ChampAthleteJimTeam1JohnSally

Sevenoaks Athletic Club 2019 Trophy Presentations (for Achievements in 2018)

Challenge Cup for Services to the Club    :    Rob Carr (Peter Dillon)

Alex Wilson Cup for Athletic Achievement    :    James Graham (John Stevens)

Road Race Grand Prix
    Winner    :    James Graham – 500.4
    Second    :    Keith Dowson – 481.9
    Third    :    Sally Shewell – 471.2

Most Improved in Road Race Grand Prix
    Winner    :    Jim Knight + 96.5

Track & Field Grand Prix
    Winner    :    Geoffrey Kitchener – 270.0
    Second    :    John Denyer – 235.6

Most improved in Track & Field Grand Prix
    Winner    :    Richard Pitcairn-Knowles +3.3

Handicap Competition
    Winner    :    Jon Copping 6
    Second    :    Andrew Mead 9
    Third    :    Graham Dwyer 10

Male Cross Country Runner of the Year 2016-17    :    Darrell Smith

Female Cross Country Runner of the Year 2016-17    :    Bridget Weekes

Grand Prix Team Competition
    Winning Team    :    John Denyer, Lionel Stielow and Peter Dillon 423.6
    Runners Up    :    John Witton, Anna Humphrey-Taylor and Graham Dwyer 421.5