Ide Hill Trail Run - 12 March 2017

Fast GroupSlow group

March Trail Run - Ide Hill North
Herewith pics of the fast group and the nearly-as-fast group at the start of the two loop run
Several of the fast group gave up after one loop.
Most of the nearly-as-fast group enjoyed the full undulating course and commented very favourably about the undulations, especially on the second loop.

Lullingstone Trail Run - 12 February 2017

Lullingstone trail runners

Jim organised another great run and provided two water stops on the eight-mile loop from Lullingstone on Sunday 12th February. Oddly, there were no takers for the additional four-mile loop as those who didn't have to rush away seemed to prefer the coffee option. Next time: meeting at Ide Hill Community shop at 09:00 on 12th March.

Ide Hill Trail Run - 15 January 2017

Trail runners

A hardy group of runners splashed through the mud, slush and snow of Jim Knight's latest excellent route from the Ide Hill shop. Most stayed for coffee in the shop afterwards. The spare feet in the picture above belong to Happy. Thanks to Jim for organising and providing water and support in the wintry conditions.

trail runners in snowmore trail runners in snow

Next up: Otford Recreation Ground at 09:00 on Sunday February 12th.

Xmas Chase Trail Run 2016

Racing finishJames and SimonDan and Annabelle

Members will be agog to know the outcome of the great Christmas Chase trail run from Shipbourne on Sunday 18th December. In this event the participants were divided into two teams - a fast team and a "medium" team. This was so that they could race the two stages, with the fast team having a longer course in each case.

Fast group

With the fast group (above) straying off course on the first stage, the medium team (below) narrowly finished ahead.

However, the tables were turned on leg two as the medium team took a longer tour of the green pastures of the Fairlawne Estate than intended, leading to a hectic finish. The fast team caught the medium team on the sticky clay soil of the final climb (see top), so the final result was a score draw. Most stayed for breakfast in the Chasers Inn afterwards.


Thanks to James and Grace and Jim for the photos, and to Jim for organising the event and the breakfasts and providing water. Much fun was had by all and further trail runs early next year are being considered.