Lydd 20 - 12 March 2017

Alastair Moffatt was eleventh overall and first M45 and Jacqui O'Reilly was 13th woman and first SW as seven SAC runners contested the Lydd 20 on 12th March. The SAC results were as follows:

Pos Gun Time Chip Time Name Club Gender Category Race No
11 02:07:24 02:07:22 Alastair Moffatt Sevenoaks AC Male Male Vet 45 594
43 02:20:38 02:20:02 Nick Humphrey-Taylor Sevenoaks AC Male Male Vet 40 632
46 02:22:07 02:21:33 Daniel Witt Sevenoaks AC Male Male Vet 40 710
88 02:31:57 02:31:38 Jacqueline O'Reilly Sevenoaks AC Female Senior Female 57
207 02:49:12 02:48:58 Nicola Beckett Sevenoaks AC Female Female Vet 40 542
253 02:54:29 02:54:06 Sarah Shewell Sevenoaks AC Female Female Vet 55 470
282 02:58:25 02:57:53 Anna Humphrey-Taylor Sevenoaks AC Female Female Vet 45 633

The full results are here.

Thanet 20 - 5th March 2017

Andrew Milne was twelfth overall, James Graham was first M60, and John Stevens was third M50 as nine SAC runners contested the Thanet 20 on Sunday 5th March. Grace Manzotti was also one of them, and she provided the following report.

"Nine Sevenoaks fairly crazy runners, the 2 Andys, Keith, John, James, Dan, Grazia, Jon and Jenny braved Thanet 20 this morning in lashing rain and strong winds. Braved is the right word for it as I think today being there at the starting line under those conditions was an amazing achievement. Everybody was saying what are we doing here?Jenny & Grace We were all there at the starting line trying to keep warm and shelter from the crazy wind and the lashing rain. We were impressed that Dan was running in a vest. I feel this is the hardest race I have ever run. At some point uphill the wind was pushing me backwards, yes backwards, I had to really power up to go forward. And the rain was so hard it hurt my face. I am sure that everybody who is reading this wishes they were there too!
"I ran most of the race with Jon and I am really grateful as running with him really kept me going and it was really nice to have some company and to chat bit as the race wasn't exactly crowded. The race was full (500) and only 257 people got to the end of it. We got to mile 10 in a good time and we though great half done. Grace & JonAt that point my hands were so cold and painful I could not open my gels nor the water bottles and my gloves were drenched, so I am so grateful to Karen who was there to support for giving me her woollen gloves and for opening a gel for me and the water. Thanks Karen! I then felt  better, my hands warmed up and the sun almost came out, briefly (well very briefly). At 17 miles I thought "great - parkrun left" and sped up a bit and in the last mile it started raining so hard that I couldn't see the finish line as it was at the side of the road on the grass. Fortunately two marshals pointed it out to me. Jenny said that the marshals were chatting when she came through so they didn't point the finish line out to her and she went past it and had to turn round.

"I think to finish this race in these conditions was a great achievement. We felt that if we could finish today's race we could probably do anything. I think I would like to do this race again in sunny weather, with a bit of sun the views would have been amazing. I really liked running by the sea and we thought that some parts of it were really pretty. Oh and when the wind was pushing us forward that was fab, but it didn't seem to happen that much!"

The SAC results were as follows:

Pos Bib Firstname Lastname Cat CatPos Sex SexPos Club Chip Finish
12 133 Andrew Milne Open 7 M 12 Sevenoaks AC 2:22:13.65 2:22:30.65
23 115 Andrew Ashlee MV40 10 M 23 Sevenoaks AC 2:27:25.10 2:27:47.40
24 186 Keith Brown MV40 11 M 24 Sevenoaks AC 2:27:46.25 2:28:03.70
25 87 John Stevens MV50 3 M 25 Sevenoaks AC 2:29:27.90 2:29:49.05
30 257 James Graham MV60 1 M 29 Sevenoaks AC 2:34:04.00 2:34:05.40
44 114 Daniel Witt MV40 17 M 42 Sevenoaks AC 2:37:02.65 2:37:20.55
151 201 Grazia Manzotti FV45 13 F 36 Sevenoaks AC 3:14:56.35 3:15:20.40
163 150 Jenny Austin FV35 15 F 42 Sevenoaks AC 3:16:34.85 3:16:53.80
176 63 Jonathan Copping MV60 6 M 125 Sevenoaks AC 3:24:51.00 3:25:15.00

The full results are here.

SAC Handicap 26 February 2017

JennyJenny Austin showed how to compete in the Sevenoaks AC monthly handicap race while training for a marathon when she won the second race of the 2017 club handicap series and then carried on for another eleven miles.

Andrew Hutchinson ran the fastest time with Heather Fitzmaurice the fastest woman.

All the details are here.


KFL Fowlmead - 19 February 2017

A combination of holidays, other commitments and other races meant that only a small group of four SAC runners made the long trip to the rescheduled final race of the Kent Fitness League 2016/17 season at Fowlmead, Sholden near Deal.

Lee Lintern was our first finisher in 19th place, and was also our second best male runner in the series in 26th place, while Heather Fitzmaurice was our only woman on the day finishing ninth and our second woman in the standings in 12th. Heather was also fourth W45 on the day and in the standings. Jim Fitzmaurice also did well finishing third M70 on the day and second in the series.

Although the small turnout meant the combined SAC team were 13th on the day, with the men 14th and the women 15th, Sevenoaks retained their fourth position in the in the final League table, with both the men and women also fourth.

SAC also had some success in the final individual standings, with James Graham winning the M60 category and Cath Linney winning the W45s. Sally Shewell was third in the W55s to add to Jim Fitzmaurice's M70 silver. Cath was also our top woman overall, while Andrew Milne was our leading man.

The SAC results were as follows:

Ov Pos Lg Pos Runner Age Time Club Rating # Races
19 19 Lee Lintern 36 31:54 Sevenoaks AC 88.75 25
87 9 Heather Fitzmaurice 47 36:55 Sevenoaks AC 88.06 64
110 94 Duncan Cochrane 59 38:23 Sevenoaks AC 41.88 24
180 141 James Fitzmaurice 74 44:54 Sevenoaks AC 12.50 61

The full results are here.