SAC (Virtual) Handicap July 2020

JimJim Knight won his second handicap in a row ahead of John Denyer with Andrew Mead third.

The first four runners beat their handicaps as Dan Witt completed his fourth scoring run in fourth place.

Lucy Wilkes still leads the series, but Dan, Jim and Andrew are 3, 4 and 5 points behind respectively.

The next race is also virtual - 7M/11k anywhere, any time in August.

The details are here.

SAC (Virtual) Handicap June 2020

JimJim Knight won the June handicap ahead of John Denyer with Dan Witt third.

The first two runners beat their handicaps with the third close, as most runners chose to run in Knole Park.

At the half way stage in the series, Lucy Wilkes still leads, although Andrew Mead has crept a little closer with fourth place in the June race. Jim's win moves him into third ahead of Lesley Knight.

The next race is also virtual - 5M/8k anywhere, any time in July.

The details are here.

SAC (Virtual) Handicap May 2020

AndyAndy Ashlee won the May (Virtual) handicap by four minutes and was the first and so far only runner to beat his handicap in the lockdown format.

Lucy Wilkes was second and she increased her lead in the series albeit with more than half the competition still to go. Andrew Mead is seven points behind in second with Lesley Knight third.

The next race is also a virtual event and any run over around 7 miles/11 kilometres any time in June can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The details are here.

SAC (Virtual) Handicap April 2020

LucyLucy Wilkes won the April handicap and was the fastest woman while John Witton in second place was the fastest overall.

The first table of the series has Lucy leading with with Simon Hallpike and Jim Knight the only others with four scoring runs in the first four races.

Dan Witt's run was closest to the usual seven-mile course while Sam Znetyniak's was furthest away - in Singapore.

The next - May - race is also a virtual event: any five mile/eight kilometre route any time in May 2020 can be submitted.

The full details are here.