Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon 2017

Runners at TWH 2017

James Graham was first M60 as twenty-seven Sevenoaks AC runners contested the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon on Sunday 19th February, with some good packing by the group above. The SAC results were as follows:

Pos Gun Chip Name Club Sex Category Num
10 1:14:37 1:14:37 James  Mason Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Senior Male 1073
32 1:22:03 1:22:01 Alastair Moffatt Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V40 1145
65 1:27:21 1:27:18 Keith Dowson Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V50 462
71 1:27:52 1:27:31 George Strong Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Senior Male 1596
90 1:28:33 1:27:24 Nick Humphrey-taylor Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V40 832
92 1:28:38 1:28:30 James Graham Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V60 640
105 1:29:30 1:29:16 Matthew Hardcastle Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Senior Male 701
112 1:29:54 1:29:46 John Stevens Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V50 1579
121 1:30:51 1:30:45 Keith Brown Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V40 235
123 1:30:54 1:30:48 Daniel Witt Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V40 1848
133 1:31:31 1:31:20 Luke Ashworth Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Senior Male 60
134 1:31:35 1:31:29 Chris Desmond Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V50 436
247 1:37:43 1:37:26 Chris Hall Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Senior Male 683
265 1:38:18 1:37:50 Andrew Evans Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V40 525
427 1:44:09 1:43:20 Oliver Sherman Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Senior Male 1500
549 1:47:33 1:46:58 Georgie Butler Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Senior Female 268
589 1:49:05 1:48:37 Claire Edwards Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Female V35 497
609 1:49:45 1:49:10 Sarah Shewell Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Female V55 1505
621 1:49:53 1:49:00 Jane Morgan Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Female V35 1167
647 1:50:25 1:49:32 Nicola Beckett Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Female V35 126
727 1:52:54 1:52:08 Rob Johnson Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Senior Male 874
788 1:54:48 1:53:12 Stephen Nicholson Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V40 1216
807 1:55:34 1:53:46 Anna Humphrey-taylor Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Female V45 833
1099 2:05:39 2:03:18 Jenny Austin Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Female V35 69
1252 2:13:19 2:12:39 Lionel Stielow Sevenoaks Athletics Club Male Male V60 1584
1335 2:18:29 2:15:47 Sylvia Lewis Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Female V60 994
1386 2:23:28 2:20:45 Alzbeta Benn Sevenoaks Athletics Club Female Female V35 133

The full results are here.

Worthing Half Marathon - 12 February 2017

Worthing Half 2017 - beforeAt 7am on a cold Sunday morning Grace Manzotti and Jacqui O’Reilly - pictured left (before) and below right (after) with Tonbridge parkrunner Daniel Ivey - set off to Worthing to race the Worthing Half Marathon, writes Grace.

This race is flat and very well organised. The race headquarters are fabulous on the Worthing Pier inside the Pavillion theatre. It was nice and warm in there and rather chilly and windy outside and it also rained at the start, so weather not great, no sun in sight. We both set off with pacers, Jacqui with the 1h30 pacers and myself with the 1h50 I wanted to go sub 1h50 and Jacqui wanted to go sub 1h30. Jacqui left  the pacers quite early on, at about mile 4 and she finished in the very impressive time of 1h28.33 (8th woman/655 WMA:73.8), I stayed with the pacer almost all the way. I was in a fairly large group of people and we literally stuck to the pacer so closely that we kept elbowing each other! But we just  laughed about it. I also had a chat with someone who was in Sevenoaks AC few years ago and then moved to Eastbourne. He recognised the vest and started chatting to me.

I wanted to do sub 1h50 so at about mile 11 I left the pacer and sped up and managed a PB of 1h49.44 (21st W45/138 WMA:65.3). I thought well it is only less than a parkrun now. Following the pacer really helped me as he was running a very constant pace and we never slowed down, I think I would have slowed down had I been on my own. Also the pacer was not stopping for drinks and I wanted to drink water so I had to sprint to catch him up again, that was a bit hard. Also because of the constant pace I felt strong enough to speed up for the last 3 miles.Worthing Half 2017 - after

We both found the strong wind on  the way back to the sea front quite hard to deal with, at about mile 9 there was a turn back to the sea front and the wind was then blowing against us for the last 4 miles, but at least it had stopped raining. The support on the street of Worthing was very good lots of people cheering us, even if it was cold and windy lots of people came out. We both would recommend this race, it is very well organised and possibly a PB course. The only problem is that it is the week before Tunbridge Wells so we are going to miss one of our local races as we feel we don't want to race a half marathon one week after the other.

The official results are here.

KXCL 2016/17 Match 5 (Final) Footscray Meadows

Six intrepid SAC runners took part in the KXCL race today, in rather inclement weather on Saturday 11 February, writes James Graham (who was third M60 on the day but easily won the League in his category).

Allan Lee lead the team home in a very creditable 9th place (1st M40), Chris Desmond 60th, Dan Witt 62nd and myself 86th. A special thanks must go to Rob Peers for coming along to ensure that we had four runners to score as a team even though he is coming back from an injury. As a team we were 10th today and this result moved us up to 10th place for the season.

Richard Pitcairn-Knowles also ran at Footscray and finished a creditable 5th (1st M80) and 4th overall in the M70 category for the season.

All the results are here.

KFL Blean Woods - 5 February 2017

Team at Blean Feb 2017

The sixth race in the Kent Fitness League Cross Country series took place in Blean Woods, Rough Common on Sunday February 5th on a 5-mile course around the playing fields and footpaths of Blean Wood Country Park, writes Jim Knight.

Running conditions were dryer than normal on the playing fields, but muddy and slippery on the twisting trails through the woods.

With some of our fastest runners injured, Sevenoaks AC fielded a slightly depleted team of just 17 senior athletes, but put in some excellent performances.
The men's race was comfortably won by Ed Bovingdon of Istead & Ifield Harriers in 29 minutes 37, his fourth win in the series, and the women's race by Sarah Shepherd of Paddock Wood, in 34.41.

Andrew Hutchinson led the Sevenoaks team home with his best performance ever, coming 23rd out of the 293 runners. Andrew's training with the club is clearly paying dividends as he has improved from 103rd in the first race of the series to a club-leading performance in Blean Woods.

Lee Lintern was the club's second finisher in 31st place.

Chris Desmond had a great run, finishing in 36th place, (2nd M50) with James Baker just behind, in 37th (3rd M50).

There were excellent scoring performances from Dan Witt (54th), Mike McCarthy (65th), Andy Evans (110th), and John Denyer (114th). John Denyer was 2nd M65, Jim Fitzmaurice 1st M70 and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles 1st M80

In the women's race, Cath Linney led the Sevenoaks team home in 6th place (1st W45), followed by Heather Fitzmaurice (14th overall & 5th W45), Pauline Dalton (23rd overall & 2nd W50), and Sally Shewell (31st overall & 3rd W55).

Dartford Harriers won the men's team competition followed by Canterbury Harriers, and also the women's competition, ahead of Petts Wood Runners.

Sevenoaks came 4th in both the men's and women's competitions and have retained their place in 4th position for the combined team after 6 races.

The SAC results were:

Ov Pos Lg Pos Runner Age Time Club Rating # Races
23 23 Andrew Hutchinson 37 33:20 Sevenoaks AC 89.72 2
31 31 Lee Lintern 36 33:49 Sevenoaks AC 85.98 24
36 36 Chris Desmond 53 34:13 Sevenoaks AC 83.64 78
37 37 James Baker 52 34:17 Sevenoaks AC 83.18 15
54 52 Daniel Witt 42 35:20 Sevenoaks AC 76.17 39
65 63 Michael McCarthy 51 36:04 Sevenoaks AC 71.03 20
95 6 Cath Linney 47 37:56 Sevenoaks AC 93.67 26
110 101 Andy Evans 46 38:44 Sevenoaks AC 53.27 34
114 104 John Denyer 68 38:53 Sevenoaks AC 51.87 44
120 108 Peter Ash 47 39:13 Sevenoaks AC 50.00 8
123 14 Heather Fitzmaurice 47 39:23 Sevenoaks AC 83.54 63
139 23 Pauline Dalton 52 40:17 Sevenoaks AC 72.15 37
173 31 Sarah Shewell 57 42:34 Sevenoaks AC 62.03 95
182 149 Robert Evans 42 43:15 Sevenoaks AC 30.84 2
196 38 Kim Pegg 34 43:59 Sevenoaks AC 53.16 3
228 179 James Fitzmaurice 74 47:04 Sevenoaks AC 16.82 60
292 214 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles 84 1:05:01 Sevenoaks AC 0.47 16

The full results are here.

Junior race at Blean Feb 2017

Six Sevenoaks AC runners ran in the Junior race with Ollie Armes and Verner Krynauw (pictured) leading the boys home and Julia Sackville-West first home for the Club in the girls race.

The final race of the 2016/17 series will be on Sunday February 19th at Fowlmead, Deal, starting at 11 am.

The Kent Fitness League is a series of cross-country races between the 18 registered Athletics Clubs in Kent. Any number of club members can compete, but 12 are needed to score in the senior team competition – 8 men (of whom two must be V50 and one V40) and 4 women (of whom one must be V45 and one V35).