SAC Handicap 11 July 2017

Kayleigh Wins

Kayleigh Robinson won the July handicap ahead of Josie Neale as twelve runners beat their handicaps. There were also standout performances by Jacqui O'Reilly and Keith Dowson, but no changes in the series lead. The details are here.

Bewl 15 2017

Jacqui at Bewl15

Eight SAC runners took on the Bewl 15 on Sunday 2nd July. Jacqui O'Reilly led them home and was 1st senior woman. Grace Manzotti takes up the story....

I was not planning to run this race as I wanted to have a break from racing, but Anna and Nick persuaded me to run it the day before my birthday. I was not that keen to race a 15 mile trail race as I am not very good at trail running, but I thought I can just enjoy it without worrying about my time, which I normally find impossible to do. I must say I am  glad I have been persuaded to run it, this was an amazing and very well organised race. The weather was gorgeous this morning and the views stunning. It was hot but they had lots of water and lucozade (I slightly overdosed on lucozade and felt rather hyper). Anna and myself ran the whole race together chatting all the way and we both really enjoyed it. 15 miles went so fast and we felt good. I would definitely recommend this race, stunning view, really good organisation, Kelly Holmes started and ran the race. At the end you get a medal, a technical t-shirt (mind you how many technical t-shirts can one collect?), home made lovely cakes, lucozade, free beer and can sit basking in the sun. 

Grace & Anna

The Sevenoaks AC results were:

Pos Gun Time Chip Time Name Club Gender Age Category Race No
87 01:51:54 01:51:53 Jacqueline O'Reilly Sevenoaks AC Female Senior Female 884
98 01:53:45 01:53:43 Daniel Witt Sevenoaks AC Male Male Vet 40 861
248 02:07:43 02:06:07 Nick Humphrey-Taylor Sevenoaks AC Male Male Vet 40 501
470 02:27:29 02:27:20 Sarah Shewell Sevenoaks AC Female Female Vet 55 433
516 02:31:17 02:29:54 Grazia  Manzotti Sevenoaks AC Female Female Vet 45 745
524 02:31:44 02:30:21 Anna Humphrey-Taylor Sevenoaks AC Female Female Vet 45 502
549 02:34:52 02:33:58 Clair Thornton Sevenoaks AC Female Female Vet 40 567
550 02:34:53 02:33:57 Mike Allen Sevenoaks AC Male Male Vet 50 568

 The full results are here.

North Downs Run 2017

Jim at NDW 2015

Jim & Heather with medalsJim and Heather Fitzmaurice both became British Masters 30k champions at the North Downs Run on 25 June, with Jim taking M75 gold and Heather W45 gold. They were among ten Sevenoaks AC runners who contested the hilly off-road event of whom Dan Witt was first SAC runner home with Keith Brown close behind.

The SAC results were:

Name Gen-
Club or Team Rank
46 378 02:28:26 02:28:22 DANIEL WITT M M40 Sevenoaks AC 1
49 294 02:28:52 02:28:47 KEITH BROWN M M40 Sevenoaks AC 2
73 342 02:36:53 02:36:48 JOHN STEVENS M M50 Sevenoaks AC 3
123 478 02:49:04 02:48:56 HEATHER FITZMAURICE F W45 Sevenoaks AC 4
216 114 03:09:11 03:08:56 ERIK FOLKESSON M M50 Sevenoaks AC 5
299 180 03:27:49 03:27:34 MIKE ALLEN M M50 Sevenoaks AC 6
300 179 03:27:50 03:27:35 CLAIR THORNTON F W35 Sevenoaks AC 7
311 259 03:29:42 03:29:26 JENNY AUSTIN F W35 Sevenoaks AC 8
319 13 03:32:48 03:32:40 JAMES FITZMAURICE M M70 Sevenoaks AC 9
447 521 04:22:48 04:22:21 SYLVIA LEWIS F W55 Sevenoaks AC 10

The full results are here.