SAC Handicap 11 August 2019

SylviaSylvia Lewis won the August handicap race with her best time for two years.

Andrew Mead continues to lead the series with Sylvia now six points behind.

There's still time to complete enough races to contest the handicap trophy and minor places. The next race is on Sunday 8th September at 09:00 from the Sevenoaks School track.

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Bet Sets 100 Mile Club Best


NDW100 3rd August 2019

It was one of hardest events I done, or I forgot about the pain that comes with 100 miler, writes Bet Benn.
On start we had chat with Andy wish each other luck and said see you in finish. I didn't believe it myself that I will get there after last time retiring at 30 miles.

Horn went and we went. It was nice morning sun was still low and great to watch it. Somebody commented we will have nice sun rise tomorrow. It's too far to think about it.
Pretty soon my legs start to cramp first time ever, ask friend if he has salt he didn't but gave me some crampfix. It tasted as vinegar but after 3 miles was ok.
Soon was Knockholt, was telling the lady I was with that I will stop for 15 min. Friend greet me and was joking that I am after cut off, F off Steve. Change top, socks, look after feet. Where is the sock or I am sitting on it..quick pasta diner in. Where is the fork they gave it to me? Don't know eat it from the bowl. Wipe face...say thank you and out. Lady stayed there and from the look she was retiring. Shame.
Other section to Wrotham..somebody is shining torch. So I turn do you need it it's still light? Destroying my night vision... These people annoy me on good day and when I am tired even more with powerful torch casting shadows of me that I can't see. He turn it off, and I was annoyed so tried to get ahead so he doesn't cast shadow of me later on.
Wrotham feeling low, food don't know what I want let's try something. Coffee had to return looking at the volunteer guilty that I can't drink coffee and they understand. Off into darkness. There I lost other new friend and made new one.

Then is blur I got somehow to Blue Bell Hill, leaving vomit trail and trying to drink small amounts and eat small bits.. Then I get down and up and down to Detling seeing nice sun rise, and meeting pacer... 30 min to cut off.

Quick get out all stuff that is not mandatory from my bag, and out of checkpoint. Phil is doing great job and makes me chase him, and is pleased when we are moving 15 min/ mile. And then I remember having rest in last checkpoint 3 minutes sleep. Phil Bet you have 15 sec to get going. We are off again.

It seems doable something like parkrun and bit. I can do parkrun tired tree to tree strategy.

Then we went to Ashford and he is saying where it is. I can't believe it. I made it thanks Phil, almost crying. I can see the last 300 m on track. I just want to walk. Phil need to run nobody walks on track ok I will try sprinting 100m. Finnish it's done in 29:24:09.

Hug with Phil. And chair and sausage and coffee with lots of sugars.

Bet & Phil

The results are here.

East Peckham 10k 2019


Lionel Stielow was 2nd M70 (56:44 for 147th overall) as four SAC runners tackled the East Peckham 10k on 4th August in hot conditions.

Zac Ramsden was first home in 24th with 41:04 for third M50, followed by Laura Andrade in 64th with 48:06, while Simon Hallpike, also with 48:06, was 66th and 2nd M65.

Laura & Simon

The results are here.

SAC Handicap 28 July 2019

Suzy & ThomasSuzy Claridge won the July handicap race ahead of Martin Dixon, while Suzy's son Thomas ran the fastest time.

Andrew Mead continues to lead the series by a big margin.

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