SAC at Weald 10k

SAC plus KH

There was an excellent turnout of SAC runners at the Weald 10k on 8 September, and some good results. SAC won the men's team race, David Ives was second overall, Chris Desmond was first M50, Sylvia Lewis second W55, James Beeston second M40, and Simon Hallpike first M60 (as well as getting a mention at the start as the only runner to have attended all eight Weald 10k races!).

The SAC results were as follows:

Place Time Name Team Category Num Chip
2 35:31 David Ives Sevenoaks AC Male 39 and under 151 35:30
5 37:27 David Lee Sevenoaks AC Male 39 and under 140 37:26
12 38:47 James Beeston Sevenoaks AC Male 40 to 49 130 38:46
17 39:41 Andrew Nicoll Sevenoaks AC Male 39 and under 213 39:38
18 39:46 Chris Desmond Sevenoaks AC Male 50 to 59 147 39:45
21 40:10 Christopher Smith Sevenoaks AC Male 39 and under 59 40:07
25 41:02 Lee Lintern Sevenoaks AC Male 39 and under 254 40:59
34 42:32 Joe Parsons Sevenoaks AC Male 39 and under 266 42:30
36 42:47 James Wright Sevenoaks AC Male 40 to 49 150 42:45
42 43:57 Daniel Witt Sevenoaks AC Male 39 and under 232 43:54
52 44:42 Andy Evans Sevenoaks AC Male 40 to 49 220 44:39
84 47:11 Simon Hallpike Sevenoaks AC Male 60 and over 8 47:05
128 51:20 Silvia Forcat Sevenoaks AC Female 35 to 44 212 51:15
154 53:48 Sarah Shewell Sevenoaks AC Female 45 to 54 127 53:39
158 54:08 Fay Margo Sevenoaks AC Female 34 and under 173 53:59
188 57:00 Clair Thornton Sevenoaks AC Female 35 to 44 100 56:51
203 58:15 Tony Ostlere Sevenoaks AC Male 50 to 59 120 58:06
209 59:30 Sylvia Lewis Sevenoaks AC Female 55 and over 112 59:10
241 1:03:29 Rosie Draper Sevenoaks AC Female 45 to 54 102 1:03:09

The full results are here.

Paul Tabor

Paul Tabor at 2012 PW 1/2Our Chairman, Paul Tabor, will be undergoing a major operation to reconstruct his leg tomorrow (Thursday Aug 29th).

As many of you know Paul contracted an infection shortly after returning from China. We don't know if the infection came from China, but it has seriously damaged the muscles and bone in his leg. After several operations to remove infected material, his leg broke whilst in hospital and needs to be reconstructed by inserting a titanium rod into the bone.

Paul is in good spirits in the Royal London Hospital but pining to get out and start running again.

We wish you well, Paul and hope the operation is a great success.

We'll all be here to help you recuperate as soon as you come out of hospital.

Jim Knight

Veteran athletics update - SCVAC Match 6

On 15 July the sixth and final meeting in the Southern Counties Veterans AC (Kent) league 2013 series was held at Dartford.  The evening was hot, still sunny enough to have competitors seeking shade at the outset.  We had a full team, but an exploratory jog round the track convinced Chris Desmond that he would not be able to run through injury, and we re-adjusted the team in consequence.
Our sprinters were well on form, winning all three 100m races in division 2.  Paul English led the way with an impressive 12.3 seconds in the M35A race, yet again lowering his M40 personal best and the club M40 record for equal 19th place in the UK rankings.  Martin White ended well clear in the M35B race with an M45 personal best in 13.6 seconds; and Geoffrey Kitchener, in a very close finish, took the M50 race with a season’s best of 14.1 seconds, for equal 20th place in the M60 UK rankings.
The other track competition was 800m, where John Denyer took second place in the M60 race (photo below), picking up the lead 150m from home, but being outsprinted down the straight.  With 2 minutes 44.1 seconds, he shaved a tenth of a second off his time at Bromley in June, good for fifth place in the UK M65 rankings.
John runs 800M
John was the fastest of the Sevenoaks competitors: Rob Peers and Geoffrey both jogged round the M35A and B races in almost identical times for a couple of points, and Ron Denney (see photo below) finishing to applause in 3 minutes 56.4 seconds in the M50 race, against competitors who were up to a quarter of a century younger.
Ron finishes
In field competition we had two long jump third places: Rob Peers in the M35s with 3.72 metres and Geoffrey Kitchener in the M60s with 3.21 metres, both season’s bests.  David Simpson helped out in the M50 long jump and also took a fourth place in the M60 discus with 11.75 metres.  Ron Denney threw in the M50 discus competition for an M75 personal best.
The evening ended with the medley relay, where Rob ran a solid 800m first leg.  The next two legs were each 200m, taken by our star sprinters Martin and Paul.  By the time that Paul handed over, we had achieved an unassailable third position, which Geoffrey held in taking the baton home over the final 400m.  The relay certainly provided a sense of achievement in finishing the league season.  Overall, we achieved fourth place at the meeting, with twice as many points as the fifth-placed club, and this consolidated our fourth place in the division for the 2013 series.
Many thanks to all who have participated in the team during the series, being, in addition to the team manager: Chris Desmond, David Simpson, John Denyer, Martin White, Maurice Marchant, Paul English, Rob Carr, Rob Peers and Ron Denney.
The results are here.