Veteran Athletics League Meetings Update

Here are the men's and women's results from the 3rd May meeting, a bright evening with good competing conditions.  Although in the event we had only four competitors in the men’s team, undertaking six out of 16 possible events, our positioning was still good enough to put us in fourth place overall in the division.  So this is good news indeed!
We welcomed back Rob Peers as a Sevenoaks competitor after some years, which he celebrated with first place in the M35 pole vault (albeit an M45) with 2.40m, whilst David Simpson took second place in the M50 event with 1.35m, ranking him nationally at present as third in the M70s.
John Denyer took third place in the M50 3000m race with 11 minutes 38.3 seconds which, at this stage of the season, could be enough for a top ten national ranking, so John looks to be back in form.  Many thanks also to John for juggling his race with joining Geoffrey Kitchener in officiating at the triple jump.  Geoffrey’s commitments were finished in time for the last event of the evening, the 2km walk, where he won the M50 competition in 12 minutes 32.4 seconds.
Happy Fisher joined us as a guest runner in the women’s 3000m, achieving a PB in 14 minutes 12.2 seconds.
Our next meeting is on Monday 20th May at Canterbury, when there will be races at 200m, 1500m and 4x100m relay; also high jump, shot put and javelin.  Please let me know ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you are able to take on any of these.
Geoffrey Kitchener

Sevenoaks Triathlon 2013

While many SAC members were contesting the monthly handicap on 28th April, Jon Copping and Jean-Pierre Darque represented Sevenoaks AC at the 2013 Sevenoaks Triathlon.

Jon and JP after the 7oaks Tri

Other members were also present, albeit representing tri clubs. See how many you can spot in the results here.

Handicap 28 April 2013

KFL M70 champion Jim Fitzmaurice was the clear winner of the April handicap, while Gabe Morris leads the series after securing second place and running the fastest time by over six minutes.

April Winner Jim Fitzmaurice

Details here.

SAC VLM Results

VLM 2013

Nichola Popping was the first of Sevenoaks AC's five finishers in the London Marathon on 21 April. The SAC results were as follows (click article's title if times not visible):







Name Club Runner no Category HALF Finish time
9464 1909 1130 » Popping, Nichola (GBR)   44016 18-39 01:48:58 03:54:33
9847 7832 607 » FOLKESSON, ERIK A (GBR) SEVENOAK... 54296 50-54 01:49:19 03:56:02
26123 7895 1362 » Claridge, Suzy (GBR) Sevenoak... 9610 40-44 01:56:12 05:10:19
29033 9292 581 » Aitken, Maryanne (GBR) Sevenoak... 23611 50-54 02:41:46 05:32:05
33015 21538 114 » Pitcairn-Knowles, Richard (GBR) Sevenoak... 23620 70+ 02:44:10


The full results are here. More information about the above participants is set out in Update No. 59 here. See also the Results section here for later information of an even faster SAC finisher.