Harvel 5 - 8 June 2014

 SAC team

GREAT DAY. Too hot and humid for racing . Muddy underfoot in places in the woods, but not too bad. Times for most of us were down on expectation.


Think we were 23 runners strong. This event has a nice atmosphere . Beer on the green ran out. Good to see Fraser Partridge and wife Ute running.


Rain showers stopped by time we got there. Had fun putting tent up, helps not to try erecting it upside down!


Peter Ash saved us continuing to provide the comedy act to all the runners watching us !

Photo here shows us very quickly taking the tent down! Demolition always easier

Tent down 

Alan Lee was injured, so kindly took the pictures. Some of our runners  were so fast I am sorry to say the pictures were not always clear. I will send some out to individuals.

David Lee first home for us in 4th place. He is FAST !!!

David Lee

Keith Dowson 1st M50,


Keith Dowson

Jim Fitzmaurice 1st M70 receiving a kiss


Geoff Vine 2nd M65.

SAC results:

Pos Time Name Club Cat Num Chip
4 29:07 David Lee SEVENOAKS AC M - Senior 431 29:07
14 29:59 Keith Dowson SEVENOAKS AC MV 50 595 29:59
39 32:34 Chris Desmond SEVENOAKS AC MV 50 292 32:33
42 32:48 Daniel Witt SEVENOAKS AC M - Senior 721 32:45
58 34:03 John Stevens SEVENOAKS AC MV 50 53 34:00
67 34:57 Stuart Thompson SEVENOAKS AC M - Senior 162 34:57
88 35:49 Peter Ash   MV 40 452 35:42
105 36:24 Geoffrey Vine SEVENOAKS AC MV 65 66 36:22
107 36:27 Anthony Waldron SEVENOAKS AC MV 40 201 36:21
121 37:06 Fraser Partridge   MV 50 543 37:04
179 39:02 Erik Folkesson SEVENOAKS AC MV 50 280 38:53
205 40:26 Duncan Cochrane SEVENOAKS AC MV 50 383 40:03
243 41:46 Martin White SEVENOAKS AC MV 40 198 41:25
254 42:05 James Fitzmaurice SEVENOAKS AC MV 70+ 72 42:01
273 42:55 Kimberly Pegg   F - Senior 451 42:55
334 44:48 Sarah Shewell SEVENOAKS AC FV 55 33 44:43
361 45:38 Clair Thornton SEVENOAKS AC FV 35 227 44:55
429 47:31 Hugh Shewell SEVENOAKS AC M - Senior 34 47:11
440 47:52 Tony Ostlere SEVENOAKS AC MV 60 234 47:19
468 48:28 Debbie Mosley SEVENOAKS AC FV 35 196 47:43
496 49:34 Peter Dillon SEVENOAKS AC MV 65 91 48:38
550 51:44 Maria Ashlee SEVENOAKS AC FV 35 182 50:45
563 51:57 Sylvia Lewis SEVENOAKS AC FV 60 419 50:59
568 52:07 Ronald Denney SEVENOAKS AC MV 70+ 77 51:23
578 52:45 Rob Carr SEVENOAKS AC MV 40 197 52:23
593 53:42 Rosemary Draper SEVENOAKS AC FV 45 542 52:43

Results all on the H5 web with times.


Geoff Vine

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SAC Handicap 3 June 2014

Keith Dowson

In good running conditions, Keith Dowson won the sixth stage of the 2014 Sevenoaks AC handicap series by thirteen seconds from James Wright. Details here.

SCVAC Over-35 T&F 30 June

We fielded a team of six members at the Bromley meeting on 30 May and were able to cover every available event, with maximum opportunity for points.  Consequently we came fourth in the overall meeting, our best position in the first three matches, and if we are able to repeat this at the next competition, we could raise our series standing from fifth to fourth as well.

We were successful in the sprints, with Martin White taking second place in the M35 100m in 13.4 seconds, a personal best which currently rates 46th in the M45 national rankings.  Geoffrey Kitchener won the M60 100m in 15.1 seconds, well clear of competition; the remaining 100m races were undertaken by Duncan Cochrane and Ron Denney.  Ron and Keith Dowson both stepped down to the M35 age group to fill the 800m slots, picking up valuable points and opening up the M50 race for Chris Desmond, who came second in 2 minutes 30.9 seconds, 55th in the national rankings.  Keith’s 800m outing demonstrated considerable resilience, coming a few days after completion of a marathon.

Consistency was demonstrated in the field events, in which nearly all competing members came fourth: Martin in the M35 long jump, Geoffrey in the M50s; Ron in the M60 discus and Keith in the M50s.  Duncan added a fifth place in the M35 discus.  The final event was the 4 x 200m relay (Martin, Chris, Duncan and Geoffrey), in which the two leading teams soon became uncatchable, but there was a fairly close tussle for the remaining places, in which we came a respectable fourth.

I attach the results plus a couple of photos: Ron in the 400m and Keith in the discus.


The next match will again be at Bromley (the Norman Park track, Norman Park, Hayes Lane, Bromley, BR2 9EF), due to the non-availability of Gillingham.  This is on Friday 13 June and the programme times are as follows (men’s events unless otherwise mentioned):

Read more: SCVAC Over-35 T&F 30 June

Folkestone Coastal 10k 2014

Folkestone Coastal 10k start

Andy Nicholl led SAC's three runners home at the Folkestone Coastal 10k on 25 May. The SAC results were:


Pos Name Time Chip Club Cat Sex Num Pcat Psex
15 Andrew Nicoll 00:37:29 00:37:27 Sevenoaks AC M Sen Male 95 12 15
114 Rob Johnson 00:47:35 00:47:15 Sevenoaks AC M Sen Male 315 51 102
183 Silvia Forcat 00:51:49 00:51:29 Sevenoaks AC FV35 Female 96 7 33

The full results are here.