North Downs Run 30k

Andy Ashlee was 30th overall, Jim Fitzmaurice was first M70 and Keith Dowson third M50 as the following SAC runners contested the North Downs Run in sapping heat:

30 498 02:23:06 02:23:00 ANDY ASHLEE M M40 SEVENOAKS AC 1
40 328 02:27:38 02:27:36 KEITH DOWSON M M50 SEVENOAKS AC 2
66 270 02:33:47 02:33:40 JOE PARSONS M SM SEVENOAKS AC 3
70 431 02:34:19 02:34:11 DANIEL WITT M SM SEVENOAKS AC 4
73 569 02:34:54 02:34:47 CHRIS DESMOND M M50 SEVENOAKS AC 5
363 564 03:25:27 03:25:19 JAMES FITZMAURICE M M70 SEVENOAKS AC 6
409 58 03:36:24 03:36:11 SARAH SHEWELL F W55 SEVENOAKS AC 7
454 239 03:46:40 03:46:26 SIMON LEWIS M M50 SEVENOAKS AC 8


Picture shows Dan Witt and Joe Parsons taking on liquid with Chris Desmond following.

Full results are here.

Staplehurst 10k 15 June 2014

Joe Parsons led eleven SAC members home and Geoff Vine was first M65 at the Staplehurst 10k where SAC results were as follows:

Pos Name Time Net Time TeamName Category Gender GenderPos CategPos RaceNo Time Behind Categ
18 Joe Parsons 00:38:54 00:38:52 Sevenoaks AC M Sen Male 15 10 47 00:04:42
28 Daniel Witt 00:39:29 00:39:27 Sevenoaks AC M Sen Male 25 15 143 00:05:17
30 James Wright 00:39:39 00:39:38 Sevenoaks AC MV45 Male 27 3 154 00:00:49
38 Stuart Thompson 00:40:49 00:40:45 Sevenoaks AC M Sen Male 35 20 198 00:06:37
48 Graham Dwyer 00:41:32 00:41:30 Sevenoaks AC MV40 Male 44 7 280 00:04:11
55 Geoffrey Vine 00:43:27 00:43:25 Sevenoaks AC MV65 Male 51 1 247 00:00:00
108 Anton Mauve 00:48:33 00:48:26 Sevenoaks AC MV45 Male 91 12 204 00:09:43
120 Nicola Thompson 00:49:38 00:49:31 Sevenoaks AC FV35 Female 18 5 199 00:11:39
169 Jenny Austin 00:55:13 00:55:13 Sevenoaks AC FV35 Female 34 8 127 00:17:14
178 Debbie Mosley 00:56:06 00:55:44 Sevenoaks AC FV35 Female 39 10 150 00:18:07
181 Peter Dillon 00:56:21 00:56:09 Sevenoaks AC MV65 Male 142 7 66 00:12:54

The full results are here.

SCVAC Over-35 T&F 13 June

The fourth match of the SCVAC series, on 13 June and again at Bromley, was our most successful so far, in spite of being unable to fill two high jump slots – we finished in third place for the meeting.  Overall, we are still in fifth place in the series, but are closing in on Swanley, the next placed club.
Our best results were in the sprints, where we had four 200m competitors, as well as Richard Pitcairn-Knowles running as a guest.  Three won outright.  Paul English made a welcome return to the track after injury, heading the M35A stream with 25.7 seconds, well clear of other competitors.  Martin White, although headed by two younger non-scoring guest athletes, won the M35B stream in 27.3 seconds.  In the M60s, Geoffrey Kitchener was over a second and a half clear of the rest of the field, in 29.9 seconds; and Duncan Cochrane came off fourth, after a close battle in the M50s.
In the 1500m M50 race, Geoff Vine secured his best time since 2006, for fifth place in 5 minutes 52.2 seconds, which should be worth a top 12 place in the national rankings (M65).  All of our middle distance runners were competing well out of their age brackets: Maurice Marchant (M65) and Richard (M80) bravely took on the M35 A and B groups, securing fifth and fourth places respectively.  Richard’s 7 minutes 56.9 seconds should put him well to the top of the UK rankings for his age group.
The shot put competition saw Paul first in the M35s, throwing 8.80 metres and shattering his own club best M40 performance by 34cm.  Duncan backed this up with a fourth place in the M50s.  Our only high jumper was Geoffrey, first M60 competitor, with 1.20 metres.  The final field event was javelin, in which Duncan and Richard took fourth places, in the guise of M35 and M50 competitors, and David Simpson (M70) threw a season’s best 18.60 metres for third place in the M60 competition.
The 4 x 400m relay was the final event of the evening, in which we fielded a team of Martin, Duncan, Geoff and Geoffrey.  Although we came home in fourth place, it was a promising run, a fast first lap by Martin having put us into early contention with second position.
I attach results, plus photos of team members in action –  

Paul EnglishPaul (200m),

DuncanDuncan (javelin)


and Richard (1500m).

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