KFL Betteshanger Park Dec 2021 - photos

Dear KFL runners,

It was a pleasure taking photos for my own club, Canterbury Harriers, at Betteshanger Park and in the process I got some of your clubs too, seeing how many of you were putting on a brave or happy face for the camera.  Maybe you are in the pictures here... ...


Using your computer rather than tablet or phone for an easy download experience is recommended for reasons of download size (509 MB when unzipped) and to see the pictures at a larger size.

1) Click on this link which will take you to my WeTransfer website - it has a cover page of changing seaside pictures if you are on a computer.

2) Enter this password in the box: crosscountry (all small letters) and then click CONTINUE.

3) Now you can click PREVIEW to choose your pictures to download OR I suggest just click DOWNLOAD to see the whole race. Be patient as there are 230 photos to download — it takes 2-3 minutes; maybe pour a Christmas drink meanwhile...

4) When the download is complete you will find a folder named    hooley_kflbetteshangerparkphotos_2021-12-18_1420    in your downloads folder (or other usual download location). Open the folder to view the photos in your usual way on the computer. Viewing them in a slide show set to change every 2 or 3 seconds works well and makes it feel like you're back in the race!

Happy Christmas. Any problems please contact me as shown below.  All photos are free of charge but please give me a credit if sharing online with others.  The download link is valid for 4 weeks.


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