Club Half Marathon and 10k June 2021


Results and pictures from the club races on Friday 25th June from Richie Thomas, who comments:

"It was dry and sunny for the event and there were some good times recorded on a challenging course.

Congratulations to Andy Ashlee on winning the Half and to Andrew Hutchinson and Laura Andrade on winning the Men’s and Women’s 10k."

Here are the results:


1. Andy Ashlee 1:35:06; 2. Leonard Lai King 1:50:32.


1. Andrew Hutchinson 46:36; 2. Dan Witt 46:45; 3. Laura Andrade 55:13; 4. Pauline Dalton 55:50; 5. Zachary Ramsden 55:50; 6. John Denyer 55:59; 7. Erik Folkesson 1:07:52; 8. Maria Ashlee 1:14:12.