LionelBridgLionel Stielow was confirmed as Kent M70 2022 Road Race Champion after completion of the final race of the 2022 Grand Prix series. Lionel was five points clear of his nearest rival with a further 23 would-be challengers also trailing in his wake.

Sevenoaks AC also had a medalist in the women's individual competition with Bridgit Weekes taking silver in the W55 category.

In all, 31 runners scored for SAC as follows:

Teams: Men 10th; Women 7th.


: All men - Andrew Mead 14th, Jamie Philip 42nd, Chris Desmond 87th (& 374th as Christopher Desmond), Paul Fanti 128th, Thomas Allen 134th, Ed Saunders 151st, Mike Lochead 165th, Alex Newby 171st, Darius Sarshar 177th, Johnny Mead 182nd, Harvey Taylor 190th, Gary Walsh 210th, Dan Witt 223rd, Richard Alford-Smith 275th, Seb Naughton 288th, Paul Elton 294th, Alan Male 346th, James Graham 385th, Simon Hallpike 413th.
: M40 - Jamie Philip 8th, Paul Fanti 23rd, Ed Saunders 44th, Mike Lochead 52nd, Alex Newby 59th, Dan Witt 77th, Paul Elton 84th, Robert Evans 93rd.
: M50 - Andrew Mead 4th, Darius Sarshar 30th.
: M60 - John Stevens 18th, James Graham 36th, Simon Hallpike 48th.
: M70 - Lionel Stielow 1st,

: All women - Rebecca Pickard 14th, Bridgit Weekes 29th, Caroline Fenwick 37th, Sally Shewell 39th, Jane Morgan 54th, Silvia Forcat 157th, Lucy Wilkes 160th.
: W35 - Caroline Fenwick 18th, Jane Morgan 38th.
: W45 - Rebecca Pickard 10th.
: W55 - Bridgit Weekes 2nd, Sally Shewell 5th.
: W65 - Sylvia Lewis 11th.

The full analysis is here.

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