Competitive Events

Competitive Events

If in addition to the club training sessions you are interested in some competitive events there are plenty to try:

Road races are available throughout the year with a good selection across Kent from 5k to Marathon. See the Calendar (hot spot link to calendar) for upcoming events. Some Kent road races are nominated Kent Grand Prix events and performances are ranked against competitors throughout Kent in your age group. All road race performances are included in the club Grand Prix competition with performances ranked by age and gender by use of the WMA age graded tables. See SAC Grand Prix for details.

Cross country:  We compete with teams of seniors and veterans in the Kent Fitness League which is suitable for runners of all abilities and in the more competitive Kent League. We usually host one of the Kent Fitness League events in Knole Park. See the Calendar for dates or contact for details.

Track & Field:  Our men's team compete in the Kent Division of the Southern Counties Veterans Athletic Club Track & field league with events taking place on either Monday or Friday evenings during the summer around Kent. Lady members can take part in these meetings as guests. The ability range at these events is from the “serious” to the social competitor so no one will feel out of place. Contact for details and the Calendar for dates. Evening Open graded events are also available at Tonbridge School track once per month throughout the summer.

We also run a Track & Field club Grand Prix competition with all performances ranked by age and gender by use of the WMA age graded tables. See SAC Grand Prix for details.

Sevenoaks AC Grand Prix

The World Masters Athletics (WMA), formerly World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA), Age Graded Tables first published in 1989 and updated in 2006, provide the basis for comparing athletic performances for different ages, genders, and between different events.

These tables are based on the world best times or distances either actually recorded or calculated for each age between 8 and 100 years for every recognised track and field and road race event.

Because they provide a world standard for each event at each age they enable each performance by an athlete, male or female, junior or senior, to be compared with the recognised world best for their age and expressed as a percentage.

For example, a 17 year old male sprinter runs 13.5s for 100m and the Age Graded Tables give the world best time as 10.16s for this age. The age graded percentage is calculated as 10.16/13.5 x 100% or 75.3%. We as a Club use these tables for calculating the Grand Prix scores for our three Grand Prix competitions – Junior GP, Road Race GP and Senior Track & Field GP.

There are now on-line calculators for calculating a WMA score for any performance. The link below takes you to the one we use, instructions are provided – all you need to do is select the event, enter your performance, gender and age and the calculator will provide your % score.

Here is a link to the WMA on-line calculator of age graded scores. All you will need to do is enter the event, your age and performance.

Sevenoaks AC - organiser of the Sevenoaks Seven - also has its own (road only) calculator.

For up to date club Grand Prix tables see Tables section of this site.

Monthly Handicap

Club Monthly Handicap

This is one of our popular events with members of all abilities taking part. Once a month, on a Sunday at 9am in the winter, and 7pm on a Tuesday in the summer, we hold a handicap race starting and finishing at the Sevenoaks School track. This alternates between a 5 and 7 mile route through Knole Park. Each runner is given a handicap time based on previous finishing times, and these are aimed at everyone finishing together. Over the 12 races of the year a trophy is awarded to the runner with the best 4 finishing positions. For more details click here or contact


The Social Side

We believe the social side of belonging to a club is important. Running alone is fine but it's far easier to run with others, particularly on a cold winter's night. Shared experiences and sharing knowledge is what belonging to a club is all about.

On the last Tuesday of the month we meet at the Sennockian in Sevenoaks High Street after our Tuesday club run for a drink and something to eat which provides a relaxed way to talk about running plans and to share experiences.

At Christmas we have an informal club dinner with a low key fancy dress theme, and in the summer we try to fit in a BBQ. On occasions weekend trips to take in a race at distant venues including in northern France are arranged.

Young Athletes

Young Athletes

NB. We currently have a waiting list for junior members. Potential new members should contact the membership secretary Kerri Folkesson ( ) so that she can place them on the list. Please note we are now so oversubscribed that we will not begin to offer taster sessions for new members until they start in Year 5.


Where and When We meet
Club night for the junior section is on Tuesdays. There are two groups: under 11s and over 11s. Each week's training is different, but whatever you do you'll be working on your stamina and your fitness, and the idea is to have FUN.

We meet for training every week at Sevenoaks School. Registration takes place from 18:30. When the evenings are light enough, we train outside on the track. In the winter months, we move indoors to the gym. Training starts with a warm up at 18:45, and ends at 19:45 for under 11s, and 20:00 for over 11s, after a warm down.

All sessions are run by qualified coaches but we always appreciate the assistance of parents, especially with the under 11s. If you are interested in helping, please see this document for more information.

What We Do
In the summer months, when we train outside, we work on Track and Field events skills or jog around Knole Park. In the winter, we do indoor activities such as circuit training as well as working on athletics skills.

Throughout the year, there are competitions to enter, usually against other clubs in the area. The main events for the under 11s are the Sportshall Athletics competitions. For the older juniors, we enter several cross country events and track and field competitions. The Kent Young Athletes League is specifically for the U13 and U15 age group, where there is a full programme of events for boys and girls.

Please click on the blue text to see what is currently on our calendar

Every year, there is a special presentation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the club's junior members. We hope you'll be able to attend, as there are medals and certificates for all levels of achievement.

There is no special kit required for training, but please remember to bring a sweatshirt for the end of the session, and a drink. Don't worry about buying spikes to begin with; just wear trainers with well-cushioned heels. The club is currently making arrangements to provide all junior members with a blue club T-shirt, which can be worn for training and the Sportshall Athletics competitions.

Minimum age
We normally ask that juniors are a minimum age of 9, but please note we are currently so oversubscribed that we will not begin to offer taster sessions for new members until they start in Year 5. (In exceptional circumstances, and when not oversubscribed, we do accept younger athletes, but it is usually on condition that an adult responsible for that child is available to assist with coaching. A child under 9 should not be left at a training session if the adult is not coaching that evening.) For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Juniors who are thinking about joining the club are welcome to attend for 3 trial sessions, free of charge. We will then ask for a completed membership form, and payment of the membership and hall and track fees (see below) if you decide to join.

You may download a membership form by clicking on the blue text. The form is a pdf file. If you do not have the Acrobat reader installed on your PC, click on icon for a free download. (Returning members please also use the above form.)

The form is also available in Word format here.

Biannual Subscriptions (including England Athletics registration for over 11s)
Outdoor (May – October) and Indoor (November – April) Seasons

Over 11*    Under 11*
1st Child/Student **
£47.00         £40.00
2nd and subsequent Children** 
£37.00         £30.00

*as at 1st September in membership year    
**fees include hire of facilities at Sevenoaks School

One final note: please make sure you have an adult to collect you at 19:45 (under 11s) and 20:00 (over 11s) when it is time to go home. If your parent is late, just wait with one of the coaches until you are collected.

Child Protection
Please read our child protection policy which applies to all juniors under 17 years of age.