Club Team Grand Prix teams 2017

The draw for the Club Grand Prix teams for 2017 took place at the "Last Tuesday" social at the Sennockian recently. Each team has 3 members drawn from 3 seeded groups based on the best GP score achieved during 2016. The names were drawn out by Duncan WC under the watchful eyes of the assembled group of club members enjoying a drink.

Below are the teams which led to much speculation last night as to the likely favourites with no clear consensus which hopefully suggests it will be a keen contest.

If you want the contact details of your team members to exchange views on strategy then let me know. Past team colleagues of Duncan WC will testify of his relentless urging for improved scores from his team mates!

Enjoy your racing this year and good luck.

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1 Andrew Mead Tex Ryan Jane Morgan
2 Chris Desmond Grazia Manzotti Rob Johnson
3 David Ives Duncan Cochrane Silva Forcat
4 James Graham Annabelle Milne Maria Ashlee
5 John Stevens Simon Bishop Clair Thornton
6 Keith Dowson Lee Lintern Jenny Austin
7 Pauline Dalton Keith Brown Lesley Knight
8 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles Geoffrey Kitchener Happy Fisher
9 Sally Shewell Joe Parsons Rob Carr
10 Ted Scott James Wright Kym Herregods
11 Tony Waldron Ron Denney Tony Ostler
12 Andrew Milne Peter Ash Suzy Claridge
13 Daniel Witt Jim Fitzmaurice Sophie Lamb
14 David Lobley Simon Rowe Stuart Thompson
15 Hugh Brennan Marc Thatcher Erik Folkesson
16 James Beeston John Witton Peter Dillon
17 Lionel Stielow Heather Fitzmaurice Jim Knight
18 Lyndon Collins Andy Nicoll Jon Copping
19 Nick Humphrey-Taylor Anna Humphrey-Taylor Simon Lewis
20 Simon Hallpike Duncan Warick-Champion Kim Pegg
21 Tony Horlock Sylvia Lewis Steve Nicholson
22 Andrew Hutchinson Graham Dwyer Mike Allen