SCVAC Track and Field 2017

Once again, it’s time to think ahead to those bright, warm – well, some of them are – spring and summer evenings out on the athletics tracks of Kent.
For club members aged 35 years and upwards, we have the opportunity again of taking part in six Kent league athletics meetings on various Monday and Friday evenings from April to July.
Please let me know if you might be prepared to form part of this year’s club team for any one or more of the meetings, in any of the age groups, 35+, 50+ or 60+ years old.  No need to commit definitely at this stage – just let me know if you’d like to be kept in touch, so you can choose to take up any events nearer the time.
There is bound to be an event or events which will suit – we do distances from 100m to 3000m.  There is the opportunity to try out jumps and throws, there’s always some first-timers for these, so don’t worry if you’re not sure you even did them in schooldays.  We’ve found that, as a team, we succeed best when we fill as many events as we can, and that often involves someone trying out something new.  The standard of performance is not demanding in Division 2, where we are; it counts as a success just being able to something, because this will earn at least one point for the team!
The league has men’s and women’s competitions at the same meetings.  It’s some years since we’ve been in a position to field a women’s team, but the opportunity is there.  If enough women wish to commit for a team (I’d suggest a minimum of four regular attendees), that’s fine and we could probably arrange belatedly for entry for the meeting series.  On the other hand, if any women wish to compete without organizing a team, it’s straightforward – and free – to participate as a guest, at least in the running events.  Just let me know that you want to be on the email circulation list, so that you can be kept in touch for individual meetings and turn up when it suits.
The ability for anyone to compete as a guest is also useful for the men, as it means that you should get an opportunity to do an event even if we’ve filled the team (yes, this has happened on occasion!) or the event doesn’t cover your age level.  This year, however, it looks as though guests are not being accepted in the javelin or hammer throwing events.
I’m attaching a full list of meetings and events – the first is on Friday 28 April at Bromley.  Please put this and Monday 15 May (Ashford), Friday 2 June (Tonbridge), Monday 19 June (Dartford), Friday 7 July (Erith) and Monday 17 July (Gillingham) in your diaries.
Could you please let me know now, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you might be interested and perhaps able to make one or more of the meetings.
Again, I’d be prepared to provide a taster session at the school track, to try out various events in advance, so long as there is interest in this.
Geoffrey Kitchener