SCVAC Over-35 T&F 7 July

At the meeting on Monday 7 July, at Ashford, we came fourth with 47 points. Overall in the series we have now pulled up to fourth equal with Swanley. I attach the results.
Our achievement at Ashford was the greater for having also to cope with officiating in the triple jump (with scant assistance from Bromley, who were supposed to be sharing the task). So, many thanks to John Denyer for acting as principal official and to Duncan Cochrane and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles for helping.
Our star competitor was Keith Dowson who, tracking a Division 1 runner, came first in the Division 2 3000m race (M50s) in 10 minutes 26.6 seconds, outpacing his competition by 25 seconds.  This looks as though it will be worth a top 40 place in the current UK rankings.  Immediately after finishing he ran to the triple jump pit to take a fourth place in that event. Keith also took a second place in M50 hammer throw with 14.91m, a club best M50 performance to add to (indeed, exceed) his record for the M45 category.
Other 3000m competitors were Duncan Cochrane and Geoffrey Kitchener (both running as M35s); and Maurice Marchant, who came second in the M60 race, in 13 minutes 43.3 seconds. Maurice also ran the 400m, disguised as an M35 competitor, as also did Richard, who is currently ranked third nationally at this distance, in the M80 category; and Geoffrey competed as our M50 400m runner with a season’s best of 67.8 seconds.
Finally, the hammer throw competition saw another club best performance: David Simpson’s fourth place in the M60 competition was achieved with 10.19 metres, a club best for the M75 category.
This was a meeting in which our outright victories were thin on the ground, but our overall performance was enhanced by having a go at everything which we could, hence outpacing those clubs who did not.

The final meeting of the veterans' track and field league 2014 series takes place on Friday 18 July at Dartford. We need to pull out the stops for this meeting as we are currently neck-and-neck with Swanley for fourth place (out of seven).
So the objective is to fill every place in the following programme, every point being vital:
6.45: long jump (M35, M50 and M60).  (The women will then be competing at discus and 800m.)
7.25: 800m (M35A & B, M50, M60).
8.00: discus (M35, M50). (The women will be competing at long jump and then at 8.05 in the 100m.)
8.25: 100m (M35A & B, M50).
9.05: medley relay (after the women, who begin at 8.45).
If you can run, jump or throw, please volunteer! You do not have to be brilliant at any event, or even have done it before, you just need to be 35 years old or over.
Could I please have responses by Saturday 12 July, if possible.
The Dartford track is at Central Park, Cranford Road, Dartford DA1 1JP). There is generally a car park at the track, but also parking on approach roads; Cranford Road is off the A225 (Lowerfield Street) on the south side of Dartford.
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